Thursday, 12 July 2007

'The Fascism of Youth'

"The Fascism of Youth". July 2007. Part of the 'Violence & Intimidation' Manifesto node.
Discarded Nitrous Oxide bottles arranged on smashed glass in the farm shed around 10 hours after the rave disbanded. Also, in the top right of the work, incorporating a still of footage from the actual village rave found on youtube, and several shots of the 'geez' who helped organise the all-nighter among the dead rats and deadheads. His 'sense of fashion' is clearly only overshadowed by his taste in music.
The Chav Culture as Third Reich?
  • Burberry & Adidas outfits vs. Nazi uniforms.
  • Nike 'Just Do It' tick logo as German Eagle emblem.
  • Both nurture Dictators/Icons of culture (Michael Carrol vs. Himmler)
  • Individuality and individual thought crushed, peer pressure as goose-stepping.
  • Pitbulls on rope versus Alsatians on chains.
  • The intimidation and physical violence against people of 'difference'.
  • Illegal raves supporting mindless unity as much as party rallies in Nuremberg.
  • Bombastic music as important support for cultures; "DJ Damon" vs. Wagner.
  • Positive influence on society? both nil points.
I could go on...

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