Saturday, 16 June 2007

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Transmission .V.

[yes, I realise its been a few weeks since I've last typed a few words here. Here's why...]

The 'Black Lodge' is coming. Its not black. And there are no lodgers. But my oddly monikered studio is finally coming along and forming into the Lodge after being delivered and installed at the end of May. Painting, repainting, cleaning up, designing, general syphoning of finances later, and time rushes past at a rate of knots. Thus, no updates on this blog since mid-May. That will all change once the studio is up and running - a place that will inspire new ideas and embellish existing thoughts. A place of extreme art, fresh coffee, an abundance of rare horror dvds, cult music, and much more besides (including an absinthe room).

For an idea of what the future may hold, art-wise, here's a pic of some of the many products I've recently purchased...

I won't leave it so long next time. I've posted examples of some of the things I've been working on since the last update, anyhoo... oh, and obviously my photographic work is hi-res originally, many being transferred to canvas in time. I just compress each pic down to about 800x600 in size for this blog, so you can have a quick gander. In other words, these blog images are neither indicative of quality nor size of the original work they are taken from.



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