Monday, 9 July 2007

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Transmission .VI.


1. The studio now functional and aesthetically evolved.

2. A couple of shots of the studio's Green Room, where absinthe paraphernalia and Victorian artwork abound.

3. Another shot of the Green Room, this time of the art desk (where the Clash-inspired canvas collage 'Iron Serenity' was born, etc.).

4. And outside? a sea of calm and rural blooming. I obviously hate garden gnomes as much as I do clowns, in general, but I found a large gnome on my doorstep one day recently. God knows where it came from originally but, to be honest, people have been leaving stuff for the new garden left, right and centre. So it could have come from anywhere. Anyway, I have plonked its ailing, peeling soul in the middle of a half-circle of wild grass, flowers, and logs that I created next to the Lodge (for now). Give it a few months and the gnome will be wearing a gimp mask - gleefully brandishing a small wooden M16 assault rifle. I practically guarantee it.


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